Cinema at Goldsmiths Uni Reopens


The newly-renovated Curzon Cinema at Goldsmiths, University of London has reopened, with an impressive new look! Following years of inactivity, the original cinema has been restored, with a slew of films and special events already lined up for the facility. The 105-seat cinema is based on Lewisham Way in the Richard Hoggart Building. The technology within the facility is state-of-the-art, with 4k projection and Dolby 7.1 sound ensuring a positive experience for all those who visit! Read on for more.


An improvement on a lecture hall!


It is an exciting time for students and the wider community alike, with the cinema offering a great chance for relaxation. Films will be shown, while many special events are planned. These include various Q&A sessions with the likes of filmmakers. Special screenings will feature professionals from fields like psychology and the arts. There is also a new café in the facility, named ‘Thirty Five’. The café features a vast range of food and drink – ensuring a true cinema experience is available!




In terms of tickets, it works out significantly cheaper than chain cinemas. The rising prices of chain cinemas has put several people off going in the past, so this comes as welcome news. For off-peak times, which is from Monday-Sunday until 5pm, adults admission is £8.50, students £5.50 and Goldsmiths staff and alumni is £6.50. For peak times, which is after 5pm, adults are £11.00, students £7.00, and staff and alumni are charged £9.00. While not cheap, it is an improvement on chain prices!


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The fact that Goldsmiths alumni continue to get discounted price is a good gesture – and means that you have many, many years to take advantage of the cinema. With so many great special screenings set to be aired, along with feature-length films, it should certainly turn out to be a real asset for the University, and help to improve the already-impressive student experience at Goldsmiths!





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