Cambridge Places 6th for Sought-After Graduates for Employers


A review has placed the University of Cambridge in the top ten in Universities in the United Kingdom for the number of graduates being targeted by ‘top employers’. This comes as great news for students at Cambridge, who will take substantial confidence from this result – with it abundantly clear that top companies are interested in the graduates from this University! The review came from the highly-respected High Fliers Research – you can visit their website here. Read on for the full story of this great news!


Good news for students at Cambridge, who have clearly been doing well!


The review – entitled ‘The Graduate Market in 2018, was produced by High Fliers Research (click here to see the full report). They compiled the report based on data from an array of sources, eventually ranking Universities in terms of the most sought-after graduates from top employers. Top employers include PwC, HSBC, BP, Unilever and the NHS. These employers typically have graduate schemes that are hugely popular and highly-competitive. In good news, the University of Cambridge placed 6th in the table – testament to the strong reputation of our University.




In terms of others in the top ten, it was the University of Manchester that topped the table. The University of Birmingham came home 2nd, with the University of Warwick completing the podium positions. UCL and Durham University were among the others in the top ten. Oxford University placed 9th, though it is somewhat surprising that neither Cambridge nor Oxford topped the list. Ranking in the top ten however is still no mean feat, and is a good achievement.




Some good news for students at the University of Cambridge! Cambridge frequently tops academic league tables, and this is another positive sign. It is very motivating for students at Cambridge to know top employers are interested in the output of the University! Keep up the hard work. For any guidance for your time at University, our advice articles are here.





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