Oxford Uni Student Disciplined over Controversial ‘Dress as your Degree’ Party Appearance


A student at the University of Oxford has been disciplined following his controversial decision to attend a ‘dress as your degree’ party as Professor Stephen Hawking. The student dressed up for an event this past Saturday, which led to a furious reaction from other students at the college. The College Dean was notified of the incident, with this unfortunate case culminating in the student being disciplined. The incident took place at the Lady Margaret Hall, read on for the full story.


The move led to considerable criticism from other students


As mentioned, the event in question took place at Lady Margaret Hall on Saturday evening – where students were invited to a ‘dress as your degree’ party. One student arrived at the event sitting on an office chair with wheel – attempting to mimic Professor Stephen Hawking. It is unclear whether or not the student’s intention had been to offend or whether it was just a naive action. Yet in any case, it was a very ill-advised and disrespectful move. Disability certainly isn’t something to be joked about.




The move provoked a furious reaction from other students, leading to the College Dean being notified. The student was subsequently disciplined over his actions. Lady Margaret Hall’s Junior Common Room President denounced the act, saying they were ‘disappointed and angry’. Professor Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford in 1942, going on to study at the University aged just 17 in 1959. He is currently 76, having been paralysed due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).


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This is far from the only controversial fancy dress occasion witnessed at the University of Oxford in recent years. Two separate, yet infamous cases saw one student dressing up as the disgraced Harvey Weinstein, after a couple of years ago one student had decided to dress as a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Hopefully cases like these won’t continue in the future, given the obvious concerns they raise.



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