‘Severe’ Accommodation Shortage at Scottish Universities


Students across Scotland are facing an on-campus accommodation shortage, Member of Scottish Parliament Mark Ruskell has suggested. Green Party representative Ruskell suggested the current state of on-campus accommodation in Scotland was a ‘clear problem’. This has been documented in the past, with Stirling University witnessing 180 first year students not having accommodation. Ruskell has called upon the Scottish Government to address the issue. Read on for the full story.


There is an ever-growing demand for on-campus accommodation around the United Kingdom


Student numbers are rising in Scotland, and it appears that some Universities aren’t equipped to deal with the surge in numbers – as exemplified by the situation at Stirling. On-campus accommodation offers a number of benefits, and it is common practice for First-year students to utilise this accommodation. Benefits include being able to meet friends, the social element of halls, and the fact that it offers a close location to campus – aiding the settling-in period. But having to make alternative accommodation arrangements has become something some have become accustomed with.




Scottish Universities are typically smaller than their English counterparts, and therefore can’t devote the same amount of space for hall accommodation as seen in England. Provisions for disabled students also need to be made, with again in many situations, facilities not equipped for disabled students. There is a strong demand for hall accommodation – with returning students also sometimes wanting to remain on campus, hoping to understandably avoid the pitfalls of private renting.




It is clearly a problem that needs addressing. More high-quality, yet affordable accommodation should be constructed. While this isn’t a problem for every Scottish University, it is affecting some. Should you be in the position where you need to rent outside of campus, check out our guide here on ways of saving money while renting at University! Use the box below to navigate to see news from your University!



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