The Giza Pyramids, Egypt

The Giza Pyramid complex is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Africa, and includes some truly incredible views. Year-on-year, the site is tremendously popular with tourists. While we are used to seeing the Pyramids featuring on Western TV shows, it is another thing to actually see the pyramids in person. The site is located on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. In this article, we take a look at the history of the monument, and take a look at this amazing site.


The Giza Pyramids are located in Egypt, Northern Africa


To begin with, we look at the history of the site. It is believed the site was constructed around 2500 BC. There has been fierce debate surrounding the origins of the site, and the methodology used by workers to construct the pyramids. The majority of theories suggest that the pyramids were built via dragging and lifting huge stones into place. Note that this involved ensuring the pyramids remained symmetrical – involving the use of stones that were exactly equal in terms of height and width. Whatever methodology was used, it was clearly well ahead of its time.


It is believed that thousands of workers took part in the construction. The purpose of the site is believed to be to provide a location to house the remains of deceased Pharaohs – who at the time ruled over Ancient Egypt. While the site has inevitably decayed over time, the structures remain very impressive – as evidenced by the abundance of visitors to the site. The structure was famously named as one of the seven wonders of the Ancient world – another deserved accolade.




The monument consists of three pyramids known as the ‘Great Pyramids’, the Great Sphinx sculpture, cemeteries, and a worker’s village. As mentioned, the remains of some royal family members were kept at the site – including Queen Khentkaus I. Being located so close to Cairo is fantastic for tourists. It is easy to get to, and there are museums and food outlets located near to the site. Tours can easily be arranged, which allow you to go inside the pyramids. Remember that climbing on any of the structures however is fiercely forbidden under Egyptian law.




There is no denying the beauty of the Giza Pyramid complex. As one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World, it is a hotbed of tourist activity year-round. As mentioned, tours are readily-available. It is well worth visiting this site at some point, it will feature memorable views! Use the link below to see more travel articles, or consider reading one of the five articles we’ve picked out above! Happy travelling!





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