Number of Students Getting Firsts at Stirling Uni Continues to Rise


It appears that students at the University of Stirling have been working harder and harder in previous years, with the number of students achieving First Class degrees rising in each of the last three academic years. Securing a first class degree requires considerable hard work and dedication – and therefore these great grades are testament to the hard work of students at the University. In this article, we take a look at the figures, which were released due to a Freedom of Information request.


Securing a first class degree requires considerable hard work!


The data was split up into the four areas that Bachelor degrees are awarded in – a Bachelor of Accountancy, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws, and Bachelor of Science. In the last three academic years, numbers have been rising significantly. However it is important to note that the University of Stirling has witnessed growing student numbers in the last few years, which means that while more students have been getting first class degrees, the percentage has remained roughly the same, and in some cases, has actually dropped.




Starting in the 2014/15 academic year and working to the 2016/17 year – the Bachelor of Accountancy had 7, 9 and 13 students achieving a first. In the Arts, 162, 185 and 238 students achieved a first. The Bachelor of Laws qualification appears to be the toughest to get a First in, with 6 achieving it in 2014/15, before 8 and finally 13 in the resulting two years. Finally, the Bachelor of Science saw 91 students secure a First in both the 2014/15 and 2015/16 academic years, with 123 achieving it during 2016/17.


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Some impressive results in here! Getting a First isn’t easy, and for the students that have been achieving such great results, it is surely a very proud achievement. Hopefully these great results will continue, helping to continue making the University of Stirling one of the best in the United Kingdom! See more news from Stirling below.



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