6 Famous Artists Who You Didn’t Realise Once Performed at UEA


The University of East Anglia may not be as widely appreciated as Glastonbury as being a stage for some of the UK’s best artists to perform, yet, unbeknownst to many – our University has actually hosted some big names from the music industry. While the headline is a bit of a mouthful, this article takes a look at six artists who once performed at UEA – and in many cases you wouldn’t have been aware of them appearing. This is of course, unless you went to their event. But in any case, there should be some surprises along the way!


UEA has hosted an abundance of top musical talent down the years!


Ed Sheeran


Back in 2011, a ‘rising, flame-haired Suffolk singer-songwriter’ confirmed his intention to appear at UEA, as part of a UK tour. Fast forward seven years, and Ed Sheeran-mania is upon us – he is everywhere. Students in 2011 sold-out his event and gave him a rousing ovation. An impressive feat!


Robbie Williams


We go way, way back to 1997 for this one! Robbie Williams appeared at the LCR, UEA – and belted out some of his famous anthems to the delight of the students. Again, Williams would go on to achieve a lot – helped of course by his experience at UEA!


The Stone Roses

Another famous band to appear at the LCR at UEA is The Stone Roses. The famous Mancunian band appeared in 1995, a whole 23 years ago! Unlike the above two, the Roses had already enjoyed the height of their success – which worked to the advantage of UEA students, with the Roses playing their most famous songs.




Manic Street Preachers

A more recent addition to the fine roster of talent that has passed its way through UEA is the Manic Street Preachers – the well-known Welsh band. Once again performing at the LCR, the Preachers appeared in October 2010. The band continue to bring an extra microphone with them to live performances – in a sign of respect to their band-mate Richey Edwards, who disappeared in 1995.




We have to go way, way back and delve deep into the archives for this one – but the Irish rock band U2 appeared at UEA in 1981! Almost forty years ago, the famous band appeared at the University, and belted out some of their early hits. Bigger and better things would follow for the band – including multiple world tours. They still stand to this day.






Coldplay appeared in 2011, in what was described as an ‘intimate’ show. Of course by 2011, Coldplay were already enjoying mass success, and have only re-affirmed their position as one of the world’s top bands in subsequent years. Their appearance was in conjunction with a BBC Radio 1 Student Tour that was running at the time. Again, they received a warm reception from the students, with the only downside being that they haven’t returned since.


So there we have it – six famous artists who have performed at UEA down the years. See more news from UEA via the link below – and why not make the news and construct your own articles – see what we offer here!





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