Kent Union Sport Vice-President Dismissed over ‘Gross Misconduct’


In news just reaching us from the University of Kent, the student’s Union sports vice-president has been dismissed over allegations of ‘gross misconduct’. The individual involved – Fraser Inglis – was removed as vice-president last Friday, in what appears to have been the culmination of a six-week investigation. The position appears to be open now following Inglis’ departure. Inglis was elected to the role last year, as seen in the below Tweet. Read on for more information.



Inglis was elected as vice-president for Sport in March of last year, securing the role through an election that was voted for by students. As vice-president of Sport – as with any other position within the Kent Union – incumbents are supposed to set an example to other students, while providing general support. No details regarding the nature of the allegations have been disclosed, with Kent Union also refusing to shed any light on the situation, in a statement to Kent Live.




Kent Union did however post a statement on their website. It stated that a ‘comprehensive’ investigation took place, with the Kent Union Disciplinary Panel concluding that Inglis would be dismissed over gross misconduct. The statement went on to say that the Union expect the ‘highest standards of behaviour’ from their elected officers – with Inglis seemingly falling foul of this area. The Union signed off the statement by saying for anyone with concerns or questions – to contact – with Ruth Wilkinson being the current Kent Union President.




As mentioned, the exact nature of the allegations is unknown. However for Inglis to warrant a dismissal, the actions involved in the case are likely to be very negative. In any case, this is bad news for Kent Union, who in fairness have set a strong precedent in their dealings with this case.





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