Struggling to Exercise? Try Walking In a Group, Anglia Ruskin Study Says


Exercise is one of those things you seemingly either love or hate. This is despite us being inundated with information about how crucial and beneficial exercise is! It can be very difficult to stick with exercise – and to do it regularly. Yet a study from Anglia Ruskin University has made an interesting discovery – that walking in a group can actually help you stick to exercising! This interesting study was published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.


Exercising in groups can help – says a study!


As mentioned, the research came from academics at Anglia Ruskin University. As part of a study, they analysed 18 studies of adults considered ‘physically healthy’ who were walking in groups, compared with those who were walking alone, or not at all. The study found that those that were walking in a group were more likely to have continued exercising at the end of the study – which was around six months following the end of the study. The benefits appear to be clear to see!




The World Health Organisation recommends that adults should undertake 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Despite this guideline, it is believed just 67% of men, and 55% of women in the United Kingdom meet these levels. Returning to the study – it also found that in the majority of cases, quality of life was better for those who walked in groups, as opposed to those who walked alone. The benefits of walking in groups is abundantly clear to see! So what are you waiting for?!




An interesting study! Of course another benefit of walking in a group is the social aspect of it. So the next time you are walking to campus for the dreaded 9am start – remember it is doing you good – and perhaps you are more likely to stick with exercise! Check out more news from Anglia Ruskin University at the link below.





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