Update on Investigation into Death of Bath Uni Student Alex Green


Investigations into the tragic death of the University of Bath student Alex Green have proven fruitless so far, though an update has now been provided. Green was found unconscious on Westmoreland Road four months ago – on September 30th 2017. The Police have confirmed they are no longer treating Green’s death as the result of a possible criminal act. A criminal act had been one of the possible scenarios investigated, though this seems out of the question now. Read on for the full story.


Alex Green was a student at the University of Bath


Green – a 22 year old Economics student at the University of Bath, was found unconscious by a group of five people at a bus stop on Westmoreland Road, on September 30th 2017. CCTV last witnessed Green heading to Westmoreland Road at 3:42am, with an ambulance called seven minutes later following his discovery. An ambulance took him to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, but despite the best efforts of paramedics, he died in hospital three days later, due to internal head injuries.




In the aftermath of his death, three possible scenarios were being investigated by the Police. As mentioned, a possible criminal act was being investigated – with Green possibly coming into harm’s way on Westmoreland Road. Yet this has now been discounted. The other scenarios were either a collision with a vehicle, or a fall. A fall would appear to be the most logical answer – with Green possibly affected by alcohol – he had been at a nightclub that morning. Equally, he could have been hit by a vehicle.




The Police are still urging anyone with information to come forward. Unfortunately however, given that the case is now four months old, it is likely a definitive answer won’t follow. But it does seem progress is being made – with one possible scenario seemingly being ruled out. Investigations into this unfortunate occurrence will continue.





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