Ever Wondered About Staff Ethnicity Statistics at Brunel?!


Have you ever wondered about statistics for the ethnicity of staff at Brunel University London? Well, wonder no more! Due to the results emanating from a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, we have uncovered some interesting statistics! We are fortunate at this University to have such a diverse range of lecturers, while there is a strong international community both among students and the wider London community! Read on for details of the statistics, as well as analysis.


Ethnicity percentages for staff have been revealed


The following statistics relate to academic staff – including lecturers and professors. For the 2017-18 academic year, 66% of staff are ‘White/Caucasian’ – equating to approximately two thirds of all staff. This is by far the most common ethnicity for staff. In second is ‘Chinese’ – with 9.4% of staff. ‘Asian or Asian British – Indian’ results in 5.2% of staff. These three form the majority of staff, though by doing some simple mathematics – it is clear to see we have a very multicultural University!




Behind the top three, the next highest is ‘Other Asian Background’ – with 5.1% of staff part of this area. These four make up the main ethnicities, with the remaining figures very small amounts. Trends over the last few years have seen figures largely remain the same, suggesting a good sense of stability at the University! It is great to see such a diverse range of backgrounds at the University. With a strong international community of students present too, Brunel is a great place to be!


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We’re fortunate at Brunel University to enjoy such an amazing range of nationalities – both in staff and students alike. Remember to check out the portal below to see more news regarding Brunel University!





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