Inquest Concludes Nottingham Trent Student Fuad Hassan’s Death was ‘Tragic Waste of Life’


The death of a Nottingham Trent University student has been called a ‘tragic waste of life’. An inquest concluded that Fuad Hassan – who was out celebrating his 21st birthday – died from a lethal combination of drink and drugs. The coroner in the case also criticised the actions of a friend – who took a picture of Hassan and posted it on social media. This tragic case resulted in the loss of a life, and is particularly poignant due to Hassan celebrating his 21st birthday – which ended in tragedy. Read on for the full story.


An inquest into Mr. Hassan’s death is being held


Hassan had been going out for his 21st birthday with friends. He was sharing a house with other students at the time. Over the course of the evening of his birthday, he engaged in heavy drinking. He had bought a bottle of Cognac, with the inquest into his death hearing that a friend felt he was drinking ‘too fast’. Following the night out, he and friends returned to their home on Burns Street, Nottingham, where he was placed on a sofa. Friends put him on one side in case he was sick.




His friends would later go out again. At some point, Hassan allegedly moved to lie on the floor. Yet in doing this, he partially blocked the front door. A friend took a picture of Hassan lying on the floor, before posting it on social media. This decision, though not meant to be malicious, was criticised by the coroner. It appears that Hassan’s friends didn’t understand the gravity of the situation, judging by their actions. At some point however, it became clear there was a serious problem with Hassan.


Paramedics were called to the house. Despite their best efforts, Hassan died. Tests taken in the aftermath found that Hassan was almost four times over the legal drink-drive limit. However, the human body – especially when used to consuming this amount of alcohol – can cope with this level of alcohol in the system. Yet unfortunately, the tests also revealed that the student had taken a range of drugs – including cocaine – during the night. When combined with alcohol, the range of drugs proved deadly.


Paramedics were unable to save Mr. Hassan




This was a tragic case, and serves a reminder of the danger of drinks and drugs. Summing up the case, the coroner stated Hassan’s death was ‘drugs and alcohol related’. It is important to know your limits, and for friends to especially show care in these situations. The fact that Hassan was celebrating his 21st birthday only makes this more poignant. A very, very tragic case.





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