Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus Update


Oxford Brookes University has submitted plans which involve the demolition of the Wheatley Campus of the University. The plans propose that 500 homes, sport facilities and a children’s play park will replace the current campus. The Wheatley campus has been a cause for speculation in recent months, with not many surprised by the proposals. The plans will be discussed in forthcoming weeks by the South Oxfordshire District Council, with a decision due in the future. Read on for the full story.


The proposals are set to affect the Wheatley-based campus at of Oxford Brookes University


The Wheatley Campus of Oxford Brookes University is located around seven miles from the centre of Oxford. The site is still used for teaching and houses some students. The proposals state that the plan is to include 200 affordable homes – within the 500 that are set to be built. The plans have garnered a polarised response. Some have praised them, but others have raised concerns regarding traffic – with the area already renowned for being a bottleneck. There are fears a redevelopment could make this worse.




On the student front, Oxford Brookes have stated this move comes as part of their ‘estate investment plan’. Any teaching that is currently being undertaken on the Wheatley Campus would be relocated by 2022. The same can be said for the students living on the campus – though as these are typically year-long contracts, disruption is expected to be minimal on this front. It appears that the belief of the University is that the Wheatley Campus is surplus to requirements.




This is the latest real estate news emanating from Oxford Brookes. Last December, plans were approved for a new, 885-room Hall of residence for the University. They will be built on James Wolfe Road – on the land once occupied by the Cowley military barracks. As mentioned above, the plans for the Wheatley Campus will be discussed, with a decision expected in the forthcoming months.





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