Family Members Reveal the Reasons they are Embarrassed by their Families

Families – you just never know what you will get! Unlike with friends, we don’t get to choose our family. While for some life hands you a lucky deal, for others, they receive a busted flush. Families will often go through periods of struggle. In many cases, children will be embarrassed by their parents – either for their beliefs, behaviour or actions. Now, several family members have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to tell all and reveal the reasons why they are embarrassed by their family. Read on for more.


How long can a family remain happy for?


A common theme throughout the confessions revolved around the trouble families had in relationships. One individual said they wanted to elope – as their family had numerous drink and drug problems. One said they ‘pushed away’ every guy that was interested in them – because they were embarrassed by their family. In one extreme case – an individual talked about how he wasn’t sure whether or not to get married – as if he didn’t the family name would die with him – something he seemed to think would be good. Woah!




Another confessor stated she was in love, but was scared that their family would ruin it. Staying on the relationship front, one person said how they wanted to find a partner so that she could leave her family behind and join ‘his’. Finally, another revealed that they hadn’t brought their boyfriend home in over two years while their family was home – she only brought him over when they were out. It is abundantly clear – and sad – to see the effect a family can have on a relationship.


Others talked about the reasons behind their embarrassment. One said they grew up in a brothel. Another said their family were all ‘poor and uneducated’ – and that they looked to that individual for handouts. Another talked about how they were labelled a ‘spoiled teenager’ if they said they were embarrassed by their parents – but considering they always made racist and sexist jokes – others presumed that individual was the same. A difficult position to be in! Others mentioned smoking and alcohol consumption as another bone of discontent.




As you see, many different reasons were discussed for why kids are embarrassed by their parents. There was a serious effect on relationships for those involved – which could have serious long-term ramifications. So the next time you feel embarrassed by your family – think to yourself whether or not your issues are that bad when compared to the confessions in this article!




Whisper is a popular confessions app. For additional confessions and to see the full article, click here.


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