‘The Departed’ TV Series News

Following the commercial success of Martin Scorcese’s ‘The Departed’, there was considerable excitement when it was announced that a TV series would be created – based on the original film. Amazon and Warner Bros will be teaming up to create the series, of which very few details have been announced, six months on from the original announcement. In this article, we piece together the information we have so far, and speculate on how the series adaptation will work. Read on!


The series will be set in Chicago, Illinois, USA


‘The Departed’ was a 2006 film. It was actually a remake itself – being based on the Hong Kong film ‘Internal Affairs’. The original film starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson among others. As mentioned, the film turned into a blockbuster – securing $289.8m in the box office, based on a budget of $90m. Martin Scorcese directed the film, which secured him a long-awaited first Oscar – as he scooped the Oscar for Best Director. Warner Bros were involved in the original film too.


The film had an intriguing plot – one that at times was hard to keep up with. The film followed an undercover police officer (played by DiCaprio), who was infiltrating the Boston Mafia. This was happening simultaneously to the Boston Mafia doing some infiltrating of their own – sending a member (Damon) to infiltrate Boston’s Police Force. This would have obvious consequences for when secrets were revealed. The different elements of the film all mixed well together, securing rave reviews.


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For fans of the film, it was therefore exciting when, in August 2017, a series adaptation was tentatively announced. Little in the way of details have been announced, though some things are obvious. The TV series will surely be an adaptation – not a continuation – as we have seen in some cases. This is because of the simple reason (spoiler alert) that at the end of the original film, almost the entire cast has perished. There has been very little information based around possible cast members however.


The fact that the powerhouse partnership of Amazon and Warner Bros will be taking charge means that the production will be a high-budget series. It is believed that Jason Richman – known for his work on several other TV series – will be writing the series. It will clearly have a lot to live up to – with both the 2006 film version and even ‘Internal Affairs’ often seen as film classics. Given the lack of information, it appears that we are unlikely to see the series hit our screens any time soon.


In terms of the plot – it is believed the series will follow a similar format to the film – albeit in a more drawn-out fashion. The series is set to take place in Chicago. It is believed to be following a young officer who goes undercover – he will be joining a Chicago Latino gang. As in the film – the Latino gang will have an informant in the Police department – raising the stakes of the TV series. It is highly likely the series will take a different approach to that of the one taken in the film, which should be interesting!




So while little information has been released so far, we do have some interesting information to get excited over. When the film adaptation does eventually get into production mode, we are likely to learn more. Until then, we will be left speculating – but there is plenty to be excited over.



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