10 Cool Hacks For Your Student House

When you are heading to University – it is highly likely you’ll be staying in a student house at some point. These houses are renowned for being difficult to live in – and in some cases, this has been found to be true… But the space you have is only as good as you make it! There are many ways of getting creative in your student house, and using some of the hacks below can help you improve your digs. For tips on surviving house shares, check out this article after this one! Otherwise, enjoy!


1. Lack of Kitchen Space? Get Creative!


We begin with a great way of utilising space in the kitchen. In many student houses, the kitchen will be small. When there is a lack of space available, consider placing your chopping board on a draw – it offers a sturdy surface – and an immediate improvement on available space!


2. Draw up a Cleaning Rota


Not so much a hack, but a clever way of getting things done. By having a proper cleaning rota, you and your housemates will keep on top of the cleaning. By not having any organisation on the cleaning front, all hell could break loose. Anyway, on with the more fun hacks!


3. Save time with paper plates!


Paper plates are a great thing to consider! You won’t need to wash them up, in the majority of cases they can be reused – and they are easy to store. Need we say anymore?!




4. And save money!


While you are on the saving front – consider adopting some unorthodox tactics – including using a hair-clip on a tube of toothpaste. You want to get every last morsel out of it! A hair-clip can achieve this! For more tips on saving money while renting – check out this article.


5. When decorating…


To make your room more homely, it is a good idea to decorate. However you don’t want to decorate in a way that can harm the walls, you do want that deposit back after all! Photos are a great idea – and there isn’t even any need to pay for them to be printed these days – or even go and print them in a store! Check out our articles on FreePrints and Snapfish – two great apps that will print your photos for free (minus a £1.49 delivery charge) and send your photos to your doorstep!




6. Learn how to Fold clothes!


When you learn how to fold clothes properly, your life will become instantly easier! Look no further than the image above to see the benefits – you can see all of your clothes, and they are folded – what’s not to like?!


7. Utilise the Famous Phone in a Glass


One of life’s most famous hacks – the phone in a glass. This can work as a sound enhancer when you want to bust out the tunes – or for any housemate that struggles to wake up – this will increase the alarm sound! Works in multiple ways!




8. Use Folding Chairs to Save Space!


Just a general tip on saving much-needed space – consider purchasing folding chairs as opposed to regular chairs – the extra storage will be very useful – and transport will become much easier too! A win-win!


9. Create a Speaker Immediately


We’ve already discussed one way of making a speaker – and here is another! This is a very simple, but effective speaker. Believe it or not, the set up above will enhance the sound of your music very well. No need for a proper speaker!




10. Last but not least…. One of Life’s Finest Hacks


This again is another of life’s remarkable hacks! This is particularly useful when there are remnants left of a flat pizza. Unfortunately, the crust of a pizza becomes a victim of being left in the fridge overnight. However this is not a problem – as simply add some water in the microwave, and the combination of heat and water will help restore the crust to its previous glory! Hopefully this article has given you some inspiration. For more hacks, check out a sarcastic version of this article! Happy Hacking!





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