Weekly Bulletin: Mon 5 Feb 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 5th February 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • In the NFL’s SuperBowl, the Philadelphia Eagles claimed a surprise victory – defeating the New England Patriots. The event took place in the freezing cold of Minnesota, USA. The victory for the Eagles was their first SuperBowl title in history, and sparked jubilant celebrations across Philadelphia that lasted long into the night.



  • A total lunar eclipse occurred on January 31, 2018. The eclipse was visible in many parts of Asia and the Southern Hemisphere.
  • American reality star Kylie Jenner has given birth to a girl. This birth, which took place on February 1, ends months of speculation regarding Jenner’s pregnancy.
  • Justin Timberlake was the standout act in the SuperBowl Halftime show. It is believed advertisers paid over $500,000 to secure a 30-second advert during the event. Millions of people tuned into the event.





  • The Australian owner of the retail firm ‘Homebase’ has claimed that up to 40 stores could soon be closed, putting around 2,000 jobs at risk.



  • Talks over Brexit continue.



  • The long-awaited court battle between Waymo and Uber is set to begin. The suggestion is that Uber stole trade secrets from Waymo for self-driving cars. Waymo is a company that spun-off from Google.
  • In a worldwide first, Amazon have opened a supermarket with no checkouts – using sensors to track customers, where they will eventually bill their payment card upon exit from the supermarket. See the full story here.








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