Brawl Breaks Out at Glasgow University Lecture [Video]

Anarchy descended upon a lecture at the University of Glasgow yesterday, with two individuals fighting during the class. A lecture theatre isn’t normally the stomping ground for a fight, but convention was seemingly thrown out the window on this occasion. The Chemistry lecture was taking place at Glasgow University’s Gilbert Scott Building – specifically in Bute Hall. The brawl was caught on camera, with phone footage capturing the brawl taking place. See the video below to take a look.




A spokesperson for the University of Glasgow stated that the two individuals involved were not students at the University. Given Bute Hall’s location – in the Gilbert Scott building – it is far from unheard of to get external watchers in a lecture. The Gilbert Scott building is one of the main buildings on campus, and is often frequented by the local public and tourists alike. Therefore, while a brawl is far from customary, students are often joined by members of the public.


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The lecture in question started at 3pm. The two men are believed to have started brawling around thirty minutes in. The spokesperson for Glasgow provided their account of the lecture – mentioning the duo had gained access to the lecture, where they became ‘disruptive’. The men were eventually escorted away from the campus, following the ruckus. Commotions like these are a rarity – especially in the confines of a lecture theatre!




Well, this just goes to show you never quite know what is going to happen in a lecture. A Chemistry lecture rarely ends up like this… Click the link below to see more news from the University of Glasgow!



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