Month of Pride Celebrations Underway at De Montfort University


De Montfort University (DMU) have begun their month-long celebration of the LGBT communities. In a statement on their website, the University talked about how the month will demonstrate the institution’s ‘inclusitivity and support for LGBT+ students and staff’. The University went on to say that they are committed to ensure that everyone on their campus has the freedom ‘to be who they want to be’. To celebrate the month, a range of events and activities will be taking place to mark the occasion. Read on for more.


The University has lined up a range of events to celebrate the Month of Pride


The launch of the month took place at the Campus Centre. Several students in the area were recipients of #DMUpride T-Shirts and rainbow-themed cupcakes. And this was just the beginning – with an abundance of events set to take place in the next month. Seminars, discussions and even film screenings are among the events to be scheduled. The intention is to use these activities to help educate and inform the community. Events held will also be supporting the ‘Take a Stand’ campaign.




The Vice-Chancellor of DMU – Professor Dominic Shellard, said he hoped the celebrations would ‘spread a message of hope’ to students. There is no doubting the inclusitivity message being spread by DMU, which is great news for students in the LGBT communities. DMU have also pledged £1,000 towards LGBT research projects, and will hope the celebrations this month proves popular with students. In the past the month has been successful – it appears likely that the same will happen this time round.




So a great month appears to be ahead. For a full list of events to celebrate the month of Pride, click here. DMU will be using the hashtag #DMUpride to celebrate.





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