Prince Charles to Visit Durham on Feb 15!


Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales – will be heading to Durham on Thursday 15th February, where he will be taking part in a range of engagements. Among his engagements are events at both Durham Cathedral and Durham University. As part of the day, Charles will be witnessing a signing performance among other activities. For the general public – it has been advised for those wishing to see the Prince – to attend Palace Green – with his arrival there expected at 1pm. Read on for full details.


Prince Charles will be visiting Durham on February 15, 2018!


Durham Cathedral is a world-renowned attraction, and secures thousands of visitors year-on-year. In an attempt to improve the visitor experience, the ‘Open Treasure’ – a new visitor experience – was devised. Charles will be there to officially open the experience. Considerable planning has gone into creating the experience, which is sure to prove popular in the long-term of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is usually busy – but is expected to be even busier on this day due to the special visitor!




Also on the agenda for the Prince will be a visit to Durham University. At the University, he will be there to unveil a commemorative plaque in honour of Dame Elizabeth Bowes. Dame Bowes is actually an ancestor of Charles’. At the University, he will be visiting St. John’s College. Also during his visit to the college, he will be visiting the Church of St. Mary the Less – the Chapel of the college. This is an exciting prospect for students at the University, and especially those situated in St. John’s College.


But for the wider Durham University community, the Prince will also be visiting the University’s Place Green Library. Other activities include the Prince attending a concert to honour Sir Hubert Parry. Several famous hymns will be sang, including a version of ‘Jerusalem’ – one of Parry’s finest and most-renowned works. As you can see, it will be a busy day for the Prince! He will be greeting the public at around 1pm at Palace Green – though it will surely be necessary to turn up at the Green much earlier than 1pm.




It is a rarity to have a Royal Visit, and it is therefore unsurprising that the Durham community has reacted in delight to this news. As both Coventry and Cardiff have found out recently, Royal visits are hugely popular! The Prince’s last visit to Durham came in 2012. For those who have a chance to see him, it will be an excellent occasion!





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