UniEel Experiencing: Belgium

Belgium is a country located in Western Europe. The nation is known for its chocolates, being the diamond capital of the world, beer, and general landscape. Belgium shares borders with a number of countries – namely France, Luxembourg and Germany, with part of the nation is next to the North Sea. Belgium has a largely cold climate – with cool summers and moderate winters. The nation is quite small and flat, often paving the way for breezy conditions. The population of Belgium is approximately 11,400,000. There is a lot to see and do in this country. Overall, Belgium is a nation well worth visiting, helping to form this edition of ‘UniEel Experiencing’.





Nation: Belgium
Continent: Europe
Capital: Brussels
Land Mass: 11,200 square miles
Population: 11,400,000
Religion: Roman Catholic
Language: Dutch/French
Currency: Euro


Belgium has an interesting history. By the 8th Century, what is present-day Belgium was part of the Carolingian Empire. For many centuries, Belgium was part of what was known as the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 1830, the Belgian Revolution led to Belgium becoming an independent country. Ever since 1831, Belgium has been a constitutional monarchy. Belgium was invaded by Germany in both World Wars. The Belgian people were heavily effected by the War. Between 1944 and 1945, the Allies liberated Belgium however. King Leopold III was forced to abdicate in 1951, following a national strike over his relationship with Germany. Belgian colonies Congo, Rwanda and Burundi all gained independence from Belgium during the 1960s. Belgium was a founding member of NATO. In the contemporary age, Belgium is renowned for hosting several European Union and European Commission meetings and buildings.


Things to Do and See:
Belgium features an abundance of things to see! One of the most iconic locations is the Grand Place – a market square located in the city of Brussels. Also in Brussels is the Royal Palace. The nation is of course well-known for the European Union and NATO headquarters – both of which are visible. The Manneken Pis is another well-known sight – it is a bronze statue of a boy which has become an emblem of Belgium. Mini-Europe is a clever site that is popular with tourists – it contains miniature versions of some of Europe’s most famous landmarks. Belgium is also known for its medieval sites. The Belfry of Bruges is well-known on this front, while Gravensteen is a castle that dates back to the 10th century – and again is a popular tourist attraction. Other major cities include Liege and Antwerp. There are a range of museums and parks too. The coastal areas of Belgium are also popular with tourists.


Belgium is a nation well worth visiting. As shown in this article, Belgium certainly is an interesting country that offers a lot to its visitors. This short guide should provide you with key information regarding Belgium, complete with ideas of things to do. Look out for more countries being analysed in our ‘Experiencing’ series. For more information on Belgium, consult the UK’s Travel Advice for Belgium at this link. Happy travelling!




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