SOAS to Divest from All Fossil Fuels


SOAS University of London is set to end all of their investments related to fossil fuels – in a move that has been long-awaited by campaigners. This will mean SOAS won’t have investments in the oil, gas or coal industries. The announcement has been welcomed by many, with environmental concerns based around the effect fossil fuel companies have on the world. This puts students in an unethical position – with some of their tuition fees going towards these controversial investments. Read on for more.


The move should be a boost in the battle against the effects of Climate Change


Investments into fossil fuel companies have proved contentious for some time. This is due to a number of reasons, but mainly because of the effect that burning fossil fuel reserves has on the climate. Both financial and ethical problems have arisen from fossil fuel investments. Such is the nature of the argument, that a slew of big organisations and several other Universities have also divested in recent times. A number of campaigns are happening at other Universities to try and continue this trend.




SOAS – also known as the School of Oriental and African Studies – originally pledged to divest in 2015, and have now fulfilled its pledge. There had been a campaign by students to get SOAS to make such a pledge, with the wider community supporting the campaign. SOAS will have totally divested within three years. SOAS also appear to have been the first London-based institution to fulfil its pledge. Campaigners will see this as a positive step in the battle against fossil fuel companies, and the wider effect they have on the environment.




So this is both good news for the campaigners and the environment! SOAS has also shown its commitment to listening to the voice of students, who were firmly behind the campaign that has culminated in this pledge being fulfilled. Click the link below to see more SOAS-themed news, or click one of the links above – five stories you might be interested in!





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