14 Group Project Memes That Every Group Leader Can Relate To

Group projects – they really are one of the most annoying aspects of the University experience. Intended to provide students with a chance to improve their teamwork and communication skills – in the majority of cases all it will teach is just how little you should trust anyone in your life. We’ve already compiled a list of the ten types of people you’ll meet on a group project. One of these is the group leader – with a group project simply collapsing without one being present. As the leader however, unfortunately you end up doing the majority of work, try to deal with the gradual decline in team productivity, and generally try and refrain from suffering a breakdown. So in this article, we take a look at 14 memes that all group project leaders will be able to relate to. For the hard working souls out there – this one is for you. One day, we’ll be drawn into a group together… one day.


1. The Classic Meme…


Where else to begin?! This meme has been around for so long, yet it is still so true. As the group leader, you’ll end up doing the vast majority of the work. There is always someone who doesn’t really know what’s going on. Then there is the one who says he will help, but he vanishes a few days into the project. Finally, there is the one person who just disappears at the start, before jumping on the bandwagon on deadline day, taking as much credit as they possibly can.


2. Returning to the Basics…


While the first meme is great, there are many others we can relate to. Next up, we have ye olde pie chart. You expect to learn about teamwork, communication, trust and collaboration, but this isn’t the reality. What you really learn in a group project, is just how much you despise the human race.


3. How the others react…


Ah, the college freshman meme makes an appearance. This meme takes the perspective of a group member who intends on doing very little. Every group project leader can relate to this. ‘They got this’ – the member believes that the others in the group will do the work, while he just sits back and watches the word count multiply. You develop a bad back from all of the carrying that you have to do with these people.




4. When you try and rally the troops…


The ‘Uni group project’ starter pack, excellent. The ‘seen by everyone’ confirmation tick is all too familiar for group leaders. You try and rally the troops by arranging a meeting time, only to get a face full of attitude. And again, someone asking ‘when is this due’ is another inevitable part of a group project. We could go on, but the ‘where is everyone’ line – you’ve finally arranged a meeting time, only to turn up to something that resembles a ghost town. Classic.


5. The realisation…


Around about the time you’ve started to communicate, you realise that it really only is you that cares about the project – as seen above. Little more to say about this one, other than the fact that the feeling of being the only person that cares does make you want to reach for a weapon.


6. So you make things abundantly clear…


So often, you don’t even get appointed the group leader – you just take the mantle on for yourself. Group draws are notoriously unpredictable, and sometimes you can be placed into a project with many ‘stupid’ people. At this point, you simply need to tell them the team isn’t going to be ran in a democratic way – a dictatorship will be necessary. After all, sometimes it is the only way of getting things done.




7. You speak to a member who hasn’t done their part


Eventually, you will get tired of the endless incompetence of your teammates. This meme shows the ‘yeah if you could’ man. As the group leader, you don’t ask your teammates to do much – purely for them to do their small part. But even that proves beyond their capabilities.


8. And you get hit with this…


Yes, somehow, there’s always that one person who forgets that they were partaking in a group project. You wonder how you ended up at the same institution as these people!


9. Every Leader Has Been There…


Yes, the rewrite. You know that what they give you will resemble something you could’ve done in your diapers. So you skip the small talk and just tell them to give you the work a day before, which will give you enough time to rewrite it. Lo and behold, they provide you with a four sentence diatribe, which doesn’t quite resemble the 1,000 word section that is required.


10. Again, Every Leader can relate


When you are all alone in the evening, working hard on the group project, you can’t help but enjoy your own company. As the meme shows above, the ‘old computer guy’ seems to be having a ball. Sometimes, such is the disappointment of a group project, that you can only laugh, as opposed to crying.




11. At the end of the write-up


When it comes to the end of the write-up, you raise a glass to all those who have been in the position before you, and all those unfortunate souls to follow. It is a minority that actually work in group projects – but they do exist.


12. Looking back on the project like…


You consider changing your name to Leslie Knope. This great meme sums up the group project perfectly – all the different roles – writer, slide creator, emailer, group leader – you do them all.


13. At every Group presentation…


Now moving on to the group presentation which often is the culmination of any group project. As the group leader, you resemble Tiger Woods as you glare across the room to see that one person attempt to answer a question – despite them not having contributed to any part of the project. This is their one moment to shine and actually help, and by glaring at them, perhaps they will sense the importance of their answer.




14. Every Time…


And what better way to finish up than this classic quote. Group project members letting you down is inevitable, and this is a perfect joke – one that you can laugh at – in an attempt to mask your pain. Group projects – unfortunately, they are just a part of life. For another group project article – see this one, based around every type of person you’ll meet on a Group Project!





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