Aston Uni Library Employee ‘Harasses Staff’… By Sending an Email in all Capital Letters


In news that falls into some of the more strange categories of this week’s news, Stephen Poole – an employee of Aston University’s Library – has been accused of ‘harassing’ staff, after he was found guilty of sending an email in purely capital letters. This callous action was reportedly denounced by the United Nations. Poole has subsequently left his position at the library in the fallout to the email – turning his back on the £8.50 per hour job. Yes… it seems the world is going mad.


Poole was an employee at Aston University library


The issue arose over working hours. Library bosses informed Poole he would have to work more hours in the following week – giving Poole little notice of the change. In a response – Poole chose the medium of email – he painstakingly crafted a riposte using all capital letters. Not stopping there, his reply was signed off by saying ‘YOU DO IT’. As you can probably surmise, Poole wasn’t too excited with the prospect of working extra hours, and his reply seemed to make this abundantly clear to his superiors at the library.




Days later, Poole was summoned to a meeting with the library’s manager. At this meeting, Poole was allegedly told that the use of capital letters in an email amounted to harassing colleagues. Poole refused to back down, and decided to end his tenure at the library – which had passed the four year mark – by verbally resigning from the post. Attempts were made to ascertain whether or not Poole wanted to withdraw his resignation, but Poole stood firm in the case, and can no longer be found roaming Aston’s library.


The scenes were not reminiscent of the calm usually seen at a University library




So, it appears the moral of the story here is to carefully choose when to apply capital letters in an email. Email’s are a popular way of communicating – but it seems there is an art to it. For more on emails – we have an article here that looks at email services that don’t need phone number verification! Or, click the link below to see more Aston-based news, THANKYOU.





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