Leeds ‘Axeman’ Search Continues into Sunday


Armed Police remain on the lookout in Leeds for a supposed ‘axeman’, with the case continuing from yesterday. The public have been warned not to approach the man in question. The axeman allegedly fled the scene of a car crash in the early evening of Saturday. He was spotted near a popular Leeds student area. Fortunately for students at the University of Leeds, the drama was confined to the area occupied by Leeds Beckett University – with the area being locked down temporarily. Read on for more.



According to various reports, a car crash happened at a busy junction in Leeds, when a man armed with an axe left the scene on foot – he had been driving one of the vehicles involved in the wreck. To facilitate an escape, he used an axe to remove a locked bicycle. He was described as a white male – in his thirties or forties – with a black beard. He is believed to have been wearing a light-coloured jacket, dark jeans, and a cap. He was seen during the night near to Leeds Beckett’s Headingley campus, which led to the area being put into lockdown.




The lockdown proved to be surprising for students, who were initially unsure as to what the cause for the lockdown was. This caps off a busy few days for the Leeds student community – with army bomb disposal experts swarming into a different hall of residence a few days ago – amid reports of a grenade-like device being found. Kirkstall hall of residence was evacuated. While it seems like a surprising thing to happen, those at Kirkstall can attest that it is just another day at the office.


News of the latest nefarious activity in the Leeds area shocked the student community of Leeds, with many taking to Twitter! You could be forgiven for thinking that someone has it in for Leeds Beckett students at the moment.





The lockdown period eventually ended, and students were free to go and enjoy what was left of their Saturday evening. The search is set to continue today for the man involved, though by now presumably the description of the man is limited to an individual in his thirties or forties, given a likely clothing change. And anyone walking around in Leeds today would suggest it could be somewhat difficult to now find the individual. But still, investigations will continue.





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