Oxford Uni To Launch ‘Physic’ Brand of Gin

The University of Oxford are set to utilise their iconic Botanical garden in an innovativr way – by launching their own brand of gin! The gin, which will use the name ‘Physic Gin’, will use flavours from 25 different botanicals from the famous garden – that actually dates back to the early 1600s! This will mark the first time a University has made a foray into the spirits market! But with the University of Oxford often being a trailblazer, this could easily become the new norm – especially if the gin becomes a marked success!


Why bother with tea and coffee?!


The majority of the flavours will be coming from the botanical garden of the University – including various seeds, roots and peppers! To ensure the gin is of high-standard, some other ingredients will be sourced from other locations.


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Gin remains one of the most popular drinks in the United Kingdom and afar. It makes sense from a business perspective to tap into this market – it could prove hugely successful. It also might provide further entertainment at Oxford graduation events!


The Botanical Garden at the University is one of the most popular locations for both students and staff. It is interesting that the Garden will be used in an innovative way – and many will be eager to try out the gin at the end of the process!


The Gin will use flavours emanating from Oxford’s legendary botanical garden




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