Aberdeen University Students Campaign for Buttons the Cat to become Rector


In some intriguing news, students at the University of Aberdeen have been attempting to make a cat become the University’s new rector. Buttons – a white cat which lives on the Aberdeen campus – has secured support from hundreds of students. Buttons is already a popular figure on the campus, but this latest campaign has seen his popularity levels sky-rocket. This is largely being witnessed as a protest vote, with many students disenchanted at how their student body is currently represented. Unfortunately however, Buttons looks unable to stand, due to a recent statement from the upper echelons at the University. Read on for the full story.



With an example shown above, Buttons has secured considerable support from students, who have been left dismayed by the student body. Many believe their views aren’t being properly represented by the student body. A campaign set up for Buttons has resulted in mass interest. Buttons has been lauded as a great candidate – due to the fact he ‘lives locally’, how he happily interacts with students, and because he is ‘fluffy’. The campaign slogan is ‘Vote for Cats, not bureaucrats’ – a clever slogan!




Campaign leaders have pointed to the fact that Buttons has secured much more support and a wider reach than any other candidates – all of which are human. To prove a point regarding student disapproval of the current election process – they noted only ‘around sixty people’ attended election hustings. Buttons was looking to follow in the footsteps of several famous former Rectors at the University – including Winston Churchill, Herbert Asquith and Andrew Carnegie among others.


Unfortunately for followers of Buttons, he will be unable to stand for election as Rector. This is due to the fact he is not human – which is a requirement to stand for election. The decision has been met with disappointment from students, with a petition set up to allow Buttons to stand. At the time of writing, over 350 people have signed, but more support is being requested.


Rector elections have often caused controversy


This isn’t the first controversy to emanate from Rector elections, with the current incumbent Maggie Chapman being accused of an ‘abuse of power’ following allegations of hundreds of campaign posters being torn down. It should be noted other campaigners were criticised too, with Chapman not the only person accused of misconduct. A new Rector will be elected to replace Chapman soon.




So, while it looks unlikely that Buttons will be standing for election, there is still time to try and make a difference – you can sign the petition for Buttons here. Whatever happens, Buttons will continue to have the utmost support from students at Aberdeen – who will hope regardless of the election outcome, that their views are represented fully. Click the link below to see more news from Aberdeen!





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