Investigations Ongoing Following Racial Slur Allegations at De Montfort


De Montfort University are undertaking an investigation following allegations that a female student was subjected to multiple racial slurs by other students. The student stated she was racially abused on two occasions within a week, once being called a ‘n*****’, and having a song about ‘lynching’ directed at her. These abhorrent allegations revolve around a period of three days from around two weeks ago. The University has subsequently launched an investigation into the complaint. Read on for more.


The allegations involve students at De Montfort University


The first instance of racial abuse is believed to have happened in late January, with two students allegedly singing a song about ‘lynching’ – directing it at the student. Then, two days later, one of the students who was involved in the first incident ostensibly called the same student a ‘n*****’. The allegations quickly reached senior figures at De Montfort University, with the allegations being heavily discussed on social media. These allegations are worrying, and clearly caused distress for many.




De Montfort University has an array of nationalities that are represented at the University, boasting a strong international community. In a statement, they stated they won’t tolerate racism of any kind on its campus. Dominic Shellard – the Vice-Chancellor of the University, has confirmed he is taking a ‘personal interest’ in the case. The allegations come at an unfortunate time for the University, who announced earlier this month that they would be celebrating #DMUPride throughout February.





Investigations into the case are ongoing. Check out some of the articles we’ve picked out above, or for more De Montfort University-based news, click the link below.


Article Update:
The student who made the allegation has reportedly been suspended by the University following other allegations, that are currently being investigated.





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