Protesters Disrupt Former Israeli Deputy PM’s Lecture at King’s College London


A lecture that was taking place at King’s College London was last night disrupted by protesters. The lecture in question was given by Dan Meridor – who between 2009 and 2013 served in Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet in Israel. Anti-Israeli protesters disrupted the event by chanting loudly. This is the latest case which has seen protesters disrupt an event taking place at a University. Take a look at the video below to see some of the scenes from the night, then read on for the full story.



In the build-up to the event, there had been concern over the likelihood of protests – especially given the reaction in similar circumstances to a talk given by prominent Israeli speaker Hen Mazzig at University College London just a few weeks ago. This lecture was co-hosted by the King’s College London and City University Israel Societies, as well as the Pinkser Centre. The title of the lecture was ‘Threats and Challenges’ – with Meridor set to talk about some of his past experiences.




During scenes seen in the video, Meridor was called a ‘war criminal’. As heard in the video, protesters chant ‘shame’. Protesters did suggest they were being denied access to the talk. Yet many condemned the actions of protesters. It is apparent however that in this highly-charged case, there are clearly two sides to each story. But it did appear that protesters were attempting to disrupt freedom of speech – which, as covered in the past – has the potential to be very damaging in the realms of a University campus.




This is far from the first case that has seen protesters disrupt an event at a University. It is important to remember the value of debate at any institution, as well as the importance of freedom of speech.





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