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The Best from Prince Harry and Meghan’s Visit to Edinburgh

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first appearance together on Scottish soil today as they ventured around Edinburgh. Huge crowds turned out for the Royal Visit, with the duo engaging in a range of activities throughout the day. Crowds turned out long before the duo’s arrival to ensure they managed to see a glimpse of the couple, before showering them with support. They will be marrying in May. In this article, we take a look at the best pictures and videos from Edinburgh’s Royal visit.


The Expectation…

Crowds waited for their arrival.


A Warm Welcome…

Crowds were delighted to see the duo arrive.


The Arrival…

Amid cheers, the duo arrived to be greeted by a Shetland pony!


Some Good Shots!


A close-up…

Meghan thanked the crowds for braving the cold weather.


At Edinburgh Castle…

Part of their engagement was to attend Edinburgh Castle, where again, crowds were waiting in anticipation.


What they would see…


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A Souvenir!

One patron was pleased to get his hands on a ‘souvenir’.


Good Point!


More Shots from the Day…




A Great Day…

Kensington Palace thanked the crowds for coming out to support Harry and Meghan.



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