McDonald’s in St. Andrews? Student sets up Petition


A student at the University of St. Andrews has set up a petition to campaign for a branch of the iconic fast-food restaurant McDonald’s to open in the area. While there were some dissenting voices, the student has been able to secure 116 names at the time of writing. The petition arose following debate on social media as to whether or not a McDonald’s branch would be suitable for St. Andrews. Unfortunately, 116 names is unlikely to get the attention of the folks at McDonald’s. Read on for more!


St. Andrews is best-known for golf… but could a McDonalds come to the area?!


Adam Johnston (thankfully not that one) set up the petition following a debate on the St. Feuddrews Facebook page regarding McDonald’s. The Facebook page allows anonymous views to be submitted, which often sets off heated debate – and this occasion was no different. Many questioned the compatibility of McDonald’s and St. Andrews, while others said they wanted to support local businesses. But there was some support for a McDonald’s restaurant to come to the area, which gave Johnston the inspiration to start a petition.




Writing on the petition, hosted on, Johnston stated the lack of a McDonald’s caused the ‘bitter indictment of many dejected citizens of St. Andrews’. He went on to say it is a ‘major concern’ that there is a ‘lack of late night nugget provisions’! Finally, he said ‘if I, a man of humble yet deserving origins, am disallowed the right to order a 99p mayo chicken with medium fries at any time of day, on any day of the year – what else can I turn to?’. The student was clearly passionate about McDonald’s – and who can blame him.


McDonald’s are known for the iconic ‘Big Mac’




It is rare in this day and age to not have a branch of McDonald’s in close proximity, but for students at St. Andrews, this is something that does affect them. Unfortunately, with just 116 names so far, it looks unlikely to gain significant traction. The wait for a McDonald’s in St. Andrews looks set to continue.



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