The Best from Prince Charles’ Visit to Durham

Prince Charles delighted the crowds in Durham today as he took part in a Royal engagement. The Royal visit was exciting for the Durham community – who turned out in their dozens to see Charles. During his visit, he went opened a new visitor experience at Durham Cathedral, and went to a college at Durham University. Students at Durham gave Charles a warm welcome. The day went well, running very smoothly! In this article, we take a look at the best images and videos from Prince Chares’ royal visit to Durham.


The Scene was set…

A nice day beckoned for Charles’ arrival.


A Warm Welcome!

Charles received a warm welcome from the crowd, including a rather over-zealous hug!


People of all ages were delighted to see him!


Being greeted at Durham University

Students were delighted to see him!


Enjoying His Time at Durham University


Followed by a Concert…

Prince Charles appeared to enjoy it!


Classy as always…

Prince Charles engaged in a minute’s silence following the death of a Durham University student.


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More crowds!


At Durham Cathedral…

A visit to the famous Cathedral was on the agenda.


And the moment they all waited for…

Charles eventually officially opened the experience.


Well done to those who made it possible!




And if the Royal Family isn’t your sort of thing…

Then at least there were dogs.



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