Information and Details on Staff Strike at University of East Anglia


Staff members at several Universities across the United Kingdom are set to go on strike throughout February and March, following an ongoing row regarding pensions. The strike will be affecting the University of East Anglia (UEA), after staff members backed the decision to strike. This news has caused concern for students – who would be affected by strike action. The reaction of staff is in response to planned pension changes by Universities UK – which are affecting hundreds of staff members across various Universities in the United Kingdom. Read on for the full story.


Strikes are set to take place at Universities across the United Kingdom throughout February and March


UEA’s striking staff will begin their action on Thursday 22nd February, followed by action on Friday 23rd February. The strike will pick up the pace the week after – with Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th all being designated as days for strike action – meaning the equivalent of a week will be disrupted. As for March, official plans include nine strike days. From Monday 5th to Thursday 8th, staff will be striking. The following week is currently allotted to fall victim to a strike in its entirety. It is currently unclear as to whether or not UEA’s staff will partake in all fourteen strike days.




As mentioned above, the decision was taken in response to planned pension changes by Universities UK. Universities UK are planning on changing the pension scheme, with a switch to a model that would see pension income linked to changes in the stock market. This would replace the current model, which provides a guaranteed retirement income – and is universally more popular. Most see the planned change as a negative step, causing concern for staff. While a strike normally comes as a last resort, it could be necessary.


Empty lecture theatres could become a regular sight throughout February and March




The possibility of strike action will apply pressure on Universities UK. At a crucial time in the second semester, this news will be very worrying for students, with lectures, assignment grading, mentoring and other academic functions simply ceasing temporarily. But students can also appreciate the need to strike – with these changes having the potential to be highly detrimental to staff. The strike is due to start in under a week, with so far no progress being made on the strike being called off.





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