Weekly Bulletin: Mon 19 Feb 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 19th February 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • A school shooting in the United States of America took place, which killed 17 people. 15 people were injured – in what was the most deadly high school shooting in modern US history. The gunman – Nikolas Cruz – was a former student at the high school. Cruz is in custody, and prosecutors are expected to seek the death penalty.



  • Following corruption claims, Jacob Zuma has resigned from his position as President of South Africa. Cyril Ramaphosa is the new incumbent.
  • Unfortunately, Aseman Airlines Flight 3704 has crashed in Iran. The flight was a domestic flight. 65 people were on board. While investigators are yet to locate the plane, they are fearing the worst. It is believed that the plane in question recently returned to the fleet following repairs.
  • The Winter Olympics – being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea – are currently ongoing. Germany top the medal table at the time of writing.





  • Arsenal Football Club and Emirates have confirmed an extension of their long-running sponsorship. Emirates sponsor Arsenal’s shirts, as well as having name rights for their stadium. The fee is a record for Arsenal.



  • British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that she is reviewing the current tuition fee system in the United Kingdom – with fees among the highest in the world.
  • Talks over Brexit continue.



  • In some interesting news, Tokyo have unveiled plans to build the world’s largest wooden skyscraper! The skyscraper would be made 90% from wood. There are also plans for trees to be on every level!
  • In a worldwide first, Amazon have opened a supermarket with no checkouts – using sensors to track customers, where they will eventually bill their payment card upon exit from the supermarket. See the full story here.








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