How Many Manchester Met Students Have Been Expelled Since 2010?

Have you ever wondered about how many students get expelled from Manchester Metropolitan University?! Getting expelled from University is certainly not something that anyone wants to do. And the fact that a University stands to secure £9,000 each year from any student – it has to be a serious offence. Now, courtesy of a Freedom of Information request, information has been released pertaining to statistics regarding expulsion at Manchester Metropolitan University. Read on for more!


These statistics relate to Manchester Metropolitan University


The following statistics relate from the 2010/11 academic year to the 2014/15 academic year. As you will see, in that time, thirteen students were expelled from the University. For the reasons, check out the next paragraph. Here is the breakdown of the expulsions year-by-year!


2010/11 – 3
2011/12 – 2
2012/13 – 2
2013/14 – 4
2014/15 – 2


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So thirteen students were expelled in a five year period. Eleven of the thirteen students were male, with two being female. Some of the reasons for expulsion were provided as part of the information. These include ‘the result of a professional suitability hearing’, ‘inappropriate use of IT facilities’, ‘imprisonment’, ‘criminal charges’, ‘assault’, ‘fraudulent certificates’ and ‘falsification of grades’. As you can see there are a range of ways to be expelled from University – and some quite complex ways too.



The students in question wouldn’t have been able to graduate





So, some interesting statistics. The lesson to learn from this is that there are many ways of being expelled. So make sure you behave well, use the IT facilities sensibly, don’t get imprisoned, don’t assault anyone, and don’t falsify your grades! But in general, these are very low numbers, showing that in general, Manchester Metropolitan students appear to behave well!



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