People Reveal the Most Cringeworthy Times They Ran Into an Ex

Relationships – at the start everything is going well, and the world seems a happy place. But happiness is often temporary, and a break-up can be a painful experience. But for some, contact doesn’t end there, and upon running into one another, an awkward experience can ensue. Now, some people with some cringeworthy stories have taken to the popular confessions app Whisper to reveal their stories. As you will see, these range from the highly awkward to the strange, and a lot in between! Read on!


Many of the confessions included awkward confrontations


Unsurprisingly, many of the confessions included the urge to avoid and make no eye contact. One confessor told how she tried to avoid making eye contact with her ex, so she pretended to text someone… only to walk into a pole. One person told how upon running into an ex, that they both pretended to not know one another. Another confessor told how she ran into an ex on a ferry – the confined space wouldn’t have been great! As evidence of how a break-up can end any friendship, another confessor told how she was greeted by the friends of her ex-boyfriend, only for the ex to stay well clear upon seeing one another.




Parents can be a bone of contention in relationships, and judging by some confessions, it appears they can affect things after a break-up too! One confessor told how she ran into an ex-boyfriend, who at the time was with his Dad, making it difficult to engage in any conversation. Another strange meeting saw one person tell how she spoke to her ex’s Mum, who told her he was single. Yet funnily enough the former couple bumped into each other the next day, only for the revelation that the man was engaged to come to light!


An inevitable, yet awkward part of a break-up is in the months after, when one person finds a new partner. This was particularly strange for one confessor – as he ran into an ex-boyfriend, only to see he now had a girlfriend! One told how her ex-boyfriend was working with a current boyfriend – uh oh! Another told how he was working in a store on Valentine’s Day, only to see his ex shop there with her current boyfriend. Finally, one confessor mentioned how she saw her ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend looking at houses – despite the fact the ex had cheated on her…


A distant dream?




As you can see, there have been some very, very awkward encounters. Trying to remain friends after a break-up can be difficult, and it doesn’t help that in subsequent meetings that an effort is made to avoid one another! But still, you need to have the bad moments to be able to appreciate the good times. To see the full article, with additional confessions, click here.





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