The 15 Types of Flatmates You’ll Have at University

The likelihood is that during your University years you will meet more new people than you ever will have done previously. University is a great place to make friends, though you generally get to choose them. However, what isn’t always a choice is who you get landed with in your hall, or a shared flat. We’ve already looked at the different conflicts that will happen in a student house – along with the different people you’ll meet at University (helped by Riverdale!), but now we’re taking a look at the different types of people you will meet in your flat. Enjoy!


University… a place where you’ll meet many different people

1. The Food Thief

Where else to begin?! One of the more annoying people you’ll come across is the food thief. Scavenging off everyone else is second nature to the food thief, and even writing your name on your food won’t stave off the threat of the thief. Something in the fridge goes missing? You all know where it went.


2. The Party Animal


Forget a Bachelor in Arts or Science, this person is aiming for a Bachelor in Alcohol. Whether its a Saturday night, Tuesday night or Thursday night, this person will be out having a great time. You might just be cursing this person when they stumble back in each morning at 3am.


3. The Rockstar


It was all fun and games that first night when they showed everyone their collection of guitars. Only a few months down the line, and you can hardly hear yourself think. The walls can literally shake when they are in full flow.


4. The Borrower


The clothes borrower… They try something on for size, eventually wear it out for the night, only that you then never see the garment again. Every time you bring it up, they assure you they returned it. And the worst part? They always get away with it.




5. The Slob


This flatmate spends their day lying around doing very little. Do they attend classes? No. Do they have a job? No. They just sit around watching Netflix all day. Certainly an annoying one to put up with!


6. The Accountant


This doesn’t apply so much for halls – more for your student house, when you suddenly have to think about bills. The accountant will monitor your energy usage closely, and ensure that your house operates in a stringent manner. Expect heating to only be allowed on for an hour a day. But you’ll thank them come the end of the year when bills are low.


7. The Demolition Guy


Accident-prone doesn’t quite cut it. Whatever they touch appears to break. The kettle, the toaster, heck even the extractor fan they manage to break. And yes, this is the guy that will bring an inflatable football to your hall. While in a hall this behaviour is expected, yet seldom tolerated, in a house, this sort of behaviour will not be allowed.


8. The Cleaner

The kitchen won’t clean itself – something you quickly realise upon moving to University. Thankfully, there are people out there who pride themselves in cleaning the kitchen. Or there will be that person who will do the cleaning… only to moan all day about it after. Either way, as long as the flat/house is kept tidy.




9. The TV Hog

If your flat is still stuck in the early 2000s, it is likely a TV will be included. But don’t even think about watching something, because you won’t be able to. Yes – there is often someone who hogs the TV.


10. The Snoop

If you have a snoop in your house, then expect every private detail of your life to be questioned. They want to know the latest about everything, it appears they live for gossip. You often spot them peeking over your shoulder when a long message from your significant other appears.


11. The AWOL One


The one that is never in. You don’t know where they are all day, have no clue what they are up to, and you question why they bothered to rent the room in your flat… but as long as they are happy, then so are you.


12. The Clingy One


The one that simply won’t leave your side. Yes you enjoy the loyalty and respect they afford you, but you wouldn’t mind just a bit of peace and quiet. Still, the bond the two of you have will be something special.




13. The Passive-Aggressive Person

Ah, the passive-aggressive individual. You hear from another housemate that they’ve complained that you are doing X, or they write on the group chat to complain about Y. But when you see them face-to-face? Not a problem. Still, it is better to be open and honest about your feelings…


14. The Fitness Enthusiast


You respect this person’s attitude to life. They work hard on academic work, before working out hard too. If they aren’t at home studying or in a lecture, the chances are they are at the gym. Living with people like this can be difficult… or perhaps they can motivate you!




15. The Best Friend


But, above all the other people you’ll encounter in your hall/flat, every now and then, you’ll come across someone that’ll turn out to be your best friend. When you are old and grey, you will reminisce about those great times you shared together. And the best part – you can’t imagine your life without them.





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