Weekly Bulletin: Mon 26 Feb 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 26th February 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • Multiple people have been killed following an explosion in Leicester. A blast took place at around 7pm yesterday evening, with local residents describing the blast as being like an ‘earthquake’. The explosion affected a retail shop and a two-storey flat above it. At least five people have been confirmed dead unfortunately, with some people still unaccounted for. At this point, the cause of explosion is unknown.



  • Europe is facing a cold month ahead – with weather from Siberia set to bring a cool breeze for many weeks. The United Kingdom and Scandinavia are expected to be hit the hardest.
  • In a first, Saudi Arabia is to allow women to apply for military roles. While the roles aren’t believed to be combat-based, it is an important step for activists.
  • The Winter Olympics – being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea – has finished, with the closing ceremony bringing an end to the action.





  • The Weinstein Company are expected to file for bankruptcy, after eleventh hour talks with a potential investor ultimately failed. This comes after the Hollywood abuse scandal of last year, which rocked the company.



  • Talks over Brexit continue.



  • The Sony XperiaXZ2 looks to be one of the most impressive phones yet – with some announcements being made based around the upcoming handset suggesting the company is aiming to improve its 1% market share of smartphones.
  • In a worldwide first, Amazon have opened a supermarket with no checkouts – using sensors to track customers, where they will eventually bill their payment card upon exit from the supermarket. See the full story here.








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