13 Things To Do While At Oxford Brookes University


Oxford Brookes University offers a great student experience – with plenty on offer for students over the course of their University years. Oxford is well-renowned for being a great location to be a student. As a student here, you’ll definitely have a positive experience. Disappointingly – the time will fly by. Yet in this guide, we pick out some of the things you could do to get the most out of your time at Oxford Brookes! This list ranges from things such as landmarks to see, places to travel to, and most importantly, graduation! Read on!


While the Library is a great place to study – hopefully you’ll have some leisure time!


1.  Explore Oxford!


Oxford is well-known to be one of the most picturesque cities in the United Kingdom. The city is full of some incredible landmarks – with the Radcliffe Camera in the city centre impressive – together with other historic buildings. During your stay, try and venture around the city and see as much of it as you can!


2. Explore London!


Staying on this theme – also be sure to explore London during your stay at the University! While it isn’t exactly on Oxford’s doorstep, it is easy to get to – either for a day trip or a weekend. London is one of the most incredible cities in the world – and features an abundance of famous landmarks. But aside from the obvious spots, consider seeing one of the lesser-known markets or parks in the city.


3. Utilise the Brookes Student’s Union

Oxford Brookes University has an impressive Student’s Union which is well worth engaging with. The SU offers many societies – check out a full list here. There is certainly something for everyone – with the societies ranging from academic-based to hobby-based. Societies offer a great chance to make friends and socialise. The SU also runs regular campaigns to support students.


4. Enjoy the Nightlife!


Oxford has a great nightlife – and is a popular location for students. Whether bars, pubs or nightclubs are your thing – there will be something for you! It is well worth taking time out in the evenings to relax – much needed!




5. Learn About Different Cultures

Oxford Brookes features a broad international community – with many different countries represented among both students and staff. This is certainly something well worth taking advantage of. You can learn about different cultures. Wherever possible, you should try a different cuisine – you might be positively surprised! Either way, this is always something worth doing.



6. Try Out the Sport Facilities


The University also has some great sports facilities – as a student here, you should take advantage of them. Whether you are just a casual player looking for something fun and exercise – or someone looking to compete for the University, it is certainly worth trying something! Societies are an excellent way of trying out sports. The University also competes in BUCS events.


7. Attend Cowley Road Carnival

For the Oxford Brookes community, Cowley Road is an important area. It offers a great range of eating outlets, impressive art, and generally a positive feeling! The annual carnival in the summer is great fun – and is a celebration of everything and anything Oxford has to offer!


8. See Bicester Village


Bicester Village is world-famous for its shopping outlets. People venture from all over the world to see it, and to of course shop there. While it isn’t in Oxford, it is close by – and it is a great idea to visit at least once. Just remember if you are planning on buying something – that your student loan needs to last the year…




9. Shop at Covered Market

Staying on the shopping front – consider walking around the famous Covered Market. Yes it may be crowded, but it offers a great atmosphere. There is a great selection in the market of practically everything anyone could need. And for the most part, there are reasonable prices there too!


10. Visit Crocodiles of the World


This is something a bit out of the ordinary – but it has the potential to be fun. Around a 30 minute drive from the campus is ‘Crocodiles of the World’. As you might expect, this is a crocodile zoo – the only one in the United Kingdom! Here you’ll get to see a range of crocodiles up close. And if we haven’t quite sold it, you’ll see some military land on the way in… RAF Brize Norton is nearby. At least if the crocodiles escape protection is on hand.


11. Visit Other Parts of the United Kingdom!


The United Kingdom features some incredible cities. We’ve already covered London and of course other parts of Oxford – but there is much, much more to see. Being so central in the United Kingdom allows you to visit other places easily! The likes of Brighton, Birmingham and Manchester can easily be reached – there is so much to choose from! Worried about the high train fares? See our guide here on 7 ways to save money on rail travel!




12. Study Hard!

While this may not be as fun as most of the suggestions in this article – this is still an important element of the University experience. Throughout your studies, make sure you have a healthy work/life balance. This will help you produce your best work, while having fun! That dream graduate job after University is more than attainable!


13. Graduate!


The single most important part of being a student at Oxford Brookes – graduation! This is where all of your hard work will pay off – ensure you get to this day! It’ll be a proud day for you and your family. Hopefully, on your way to graduation, you’ll be able to complete many of the things in your stay here! Why not consider joining me and writing about this great University and City, details can be found below!





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