University of Lincoln Planning on Building New Student Village


The University of Lincoln have announced plans for a new 190-bed student village. The move has been done to combat what the University suggests is a recent swelling in student numbers at the institution. Read on for the full details.


Student numbers have been consistently rising in recent years at the University of Lincoln


The plans are for the student village to be constructed near the Beevor Street area of Lincoln. The rooms would be split across two building units. 190 rooms wouldn’t solve the issue of a lack of accommodation at the University, but it would go some way to helping the issue. The rooms would include en-suite bathrooms, and shared kitchen facilities. There has been a strong demand in recent years for an increase in high-quality student accommodation at Universities across the United Kingdom.




However, planning permission for the plans is yet to be granted. The plans will be brought before the City of Lincoln council – where it will be discussed. The council will take multiple views into consideration – including the fact that some might suggest the building wouldn’t fit in with the surroundings of the local area. But the University will suggest it is important for the institution to have more accommodation to offer potential students. The council will eventually have the final say on the plans.



There is a demand throughout the United Kingdom for high-quality accommodation at Universities


The University of Lincoln have suggested that the population of the University has risen by almost 2,000 in just four academic years – a marked rise. They also believe that these numbers will continue to rise in the forthcoming years. There were approximately 13,000 students at the University in the last academic year.




Well, things appear to be going well at the University – the reputation seems to be improving in recent times, and student numbers are rising – what isn’t to like?! Perhaps with more high quality accommodation – things will continue to improve!





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