Postojna Cave, Slovenia

The Postojna Cave is an incredible landmark and tourist attraction located in Slovenia, Europe. The landmark consists of a long cave system, that stretches to an incredible 24,120m – with visitors able to walk around the vast web of passages, walks and trails. The cave is the second-longest cave system in the country (just behind Migovec), and in the last few decades has become a site visited by tourists. It is one of the most iconic locations in Slovenia. In this article we take a look at the history, and information concerning Postojna Cave.


Postojna Cave is located near Postojna, Slovenia – in the south-west of the nation. The cave has been shaped over thousands of years by the Pivka River. It is around 15 miles long, with a depth of 337ft! Postojna Cave consists of four caves that are interconnected to one another through an underground river. Around 3 miles of paths are open to the public. A visit to Postojna does incur a ticket price – however it is a remarkable landmark well worth visiting. Click here to see ticket prices – courtesy of Postojna’s website.


The Postojna cave has an interesting history! There are indications of use dating back more than 800 years – while new parts of the cave have continuously been discovered. In 1819, Archduke Ferdinand visited the Cave, and it has since attracted huge interest. Om 1872, rails were first laid down – with the intention of creating a train to aid access around the cave. In the years after – tour guides would actually push the train along the rail themselves! Fortunately, technology meant this practice didn’t last long!




By 1884, electric lighting had been installed around the cave – making it much easier to see in all its glory. The cave was also active in the two World Wars. In the first World War, Russian Prisoners of War constructed a bridge in the cave. During World War II, German forces stored fuel in the cave – which eventually caught fire. Fortunately, no long-term damage was done. In 1945, the train became electric – and it has remained like this ever since. It has continuously attracted visitors in the years since.


The cave, as well as its abundance of incredible views, hosts an array of wildlife. It is most-known for being home to Olms. One Olm attained worldwide intrigue after laying over 50 eggs in 2016! The tours, which are conducted by train, pass through the aquarium. The train means that you can cover significant ground in the cave, and means you can really appreciate the sheer beauty of the Postojna cave! There are ample opportunities for photos to be taken, and is overall a highly-enjoyable journey. Check out the video below for a preview!





The Postojna Cave is an incredible landmark that is well worth visiting. Slovenia is a beautiful country, and this is one of its highlights. Many tourists choose to visit the Predjama Castle in conjunction with the Postojna Cave – with tickets for both easily bought together. There is also a permanent exhibition located at the Cave, which provides you with even more history on the cave! Overall, the Postojna Cave is an amazing landmark! Happy Travelling!





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