Weekly Bulletin: Mon 5 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 5th March 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • The Academy Awards or Oscars took place yesterday – with the award ceremony being the biggest event in the film industry. Jimmy Kimmel hosted the awards – which saw Benicio Del Toro’s ‘Shape of Water’ scoop the much-coveted Best Picture award. The ceremony was attended by many of the biggest names in the film industry.



  • Many parts of Europe have been battling cold weather – with a deluge of snow falling across the continent. Various deaths were caused by the weather.
  • The Italian election has led to an impasse – with no majority being found. Two anti-establishment party leaders have claimed they have won, though the fallout and eventual make-up of the Government is expected to take several weeks to sort out.
  • A fire at a wooden drug rehabilitation clinic in Azerbaijan caught fire – killing 26 people. Windows could only be opened from the outside – in an effort to contain patients.



  • The United Kingdom has witnessed a huge level of snow in the last week arrive. The inclement conditions have caused chaos on public transport and general travel – and unfortunately has killed several people.
  • In some disappointing news, MP’s have suggested that Team Sky crossed an ethical line in regards to Bradley Wiggins’ exploits at the 2012 Tour De France and Summer Olympics. They are believed to have given the cyclist performance-enhancing drugs that were ostensibly approved for medical reasons.
  • A series of Freedom of Information requests have revealed worrying mental health statistics at UK Universities, with concerns being raised over waiting times. See our full article here.



  • A quiet week on the business front!



  • Talks over Brexit continue.



  • The Sony XperiaXZ2 looks to be one of the most impressive phones yet – with some announcements being made based around the upcoming handset suggesting the company is aiming to improve its 1% market share of smartphones.








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