13 Great and Creative Hacks for Student Life

Student Life is full of trials and tribulations – as well as the good times. In this article, we take a look at some of the great and creative hacks you can apply to student life – which will help you with your life at University. Some of these hacks also apply to future life – and will give you some great ideas to pass on to others! Check out this article too for hacks related to your student house! Otherwise, enjoy this article – hopefully it will prove helpful!


There are many great hacks that can help you with student life!


1. Motivate Yourself the Easy way!


What better way to start than something food-related! Textbooks can make for drab reading. Therefore, by methodically placing a snack in certain parts of a textbook, you might find new motivation to read! More studying should mean improved results. Just don’t put too much food on the textbook…


2. Get to Know Google Scholar!


Google Scholar is a great service to use for students! Google Scholar compiles tens of thousands of studies, articles and reports – all for your perusal. You can simply search a title or subject, and you’ll be greeted by many results. You can also filter the results to personalise the selection. Using Google Scholar can help with referencing too.


3. Search in a Smart Way!


Staying with Google, you may not know about the different functions of the Google search engine. One really useful function is to use the search term ‘filetype:’. This is a way of ensuring your results are made up purely of a certain file type. For instance, if you are struggling with a certain lecture topic, and want to see a PowerPoint for more information, add filetype:ppt to your search. Similarly, it works for pdf documents and word documents too! This can be a really good way of curating your search and finding key information.




4. Never Pay for Photos!


Photos are a great way to decorate your room at University – and help you when you are missing home a bit. But instead of spending a small fortune on printing photos, there are actually ways of printing photos for free! We recommend using one of the following two apps – FreePrints or Snapfish. Both give you the chance of printing over 500 free photos a year! All you’ll pay is a small delivery charge – usually around £1.50! Not bad! You can check our guides on both here: FreePrints Guide, Snapfish Guide.


5. Every December…


December can be a difficult month for students – having to juggle end of term assignments with Christmas shopping – but this is a great way to help you through the month! Presenting an unconventional advent calendar…


6. Never Worry About Oversleeping Again!


The scenario is a common one – you are heading off to sleep, and slightly worried about whether or not your alarm will wake you up in the morning for that important test, group meeting or even exam. Problem solved… Put your phone in a glass, and the vibration will help cause a mini-earthquake, and in the mean time ensure you wake up. Probably not recommended for anyone with heart problems…




7. Utilise Google Docs!


Google Docs has made life easier than ever for students. When collaborating on a group report, you can now work together in real time – working on the same document at the same time. And you can even see who has done what – no more slacking on group projects! Such is the importance of Google Docs – we went and created its own article – take a look here!


8. Everyone Loves Donuts


Donuts diffuse any situation! If you’ve done something wrong and need to get back in the good books of someone, just think food.


9. Ask a Friend to Ask a ‘Set’ Question for a Group Presentation


Group presentations are an inevitable part of University. Something that normally follows it is a Q&A session, which can often be the hardest part. Yet a great way of getting the ball rolling is to ask a friend in the audience to ask you a set question. After a momentary pause to think that is worthy of an Oscar, you can answer the question with a pre-rehearsed riposte.




10. One of Life’s Great Secrets


This is another of life’s great hacks! This is particularly useful when there are remnants left of an ordered pizza. Unfortunately, the crust of a pizza becomes a victim of being left in the fridge overnight. However this is not a problem – as simply add some water in the microwave, and the combination of heat and water will help restore the crust and entire pizza to its previous glory! Great!


11. Know how to Save Money on Rail Travel


Rail travel is practically inevitable these days – especially for students who use the train to get from home to University. While the UK unfortunately features some of the highest public transport fees in the world, there are ways of saving money. Check out our article here for seven great ways of saving money on rail travel!


12. Visit Supermarkets Late!


Visiting supermarkets late is a great idea – as this is where you can save the most money. Items are regularly being flogged for low prices at this time, and it is certainly something worth taking advantage of. If you have a freezer – then again this is a great method to use. Over time, you’ll certainly save money! Check out this article for more – giving you some great ways of saving money at University!




13. Tidy up your Work and Hit that Word Count!


When you are writing an essay, the final hurdle to overcome is the tidying up section – where you bring the essay up to submission standard. Sometimes you’ll be over the word count. A great way of addressing these problems is to use Word’s navigation function (Ctrl+F), then entering ‘ly’. You’ll see many examples here of where you have used unnecessary words – you can tidy your essay up easily here!


So there we have it – thirteen excellent hacks to help you through student life! Now, we have a sarcastic version of this article that features some ‘really great’ hacks – click here to see it! Our advice articles have a lot more ways to help you with student life, click here to go and check them out. Otherwise, Happy Hacking!





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