University of Leicester Student ‘Sit-in Protest’ Latest


A group of students participated in a sit-in at the University of Leicester – protesting against the appointment of the new chancellor David Willets. Meanwhile, similar protests have been taking place in support of the UCU strike. Former Conservative MP David Willets has attracted controversy ahead of his appointment as the new Chancellor. We try and sum things up as protest-mania hits the campus at the University of Leicester. We start with the protesters who are partaking in the sit-in…


The occupation began on Monday morning, when a group of around 20 students entered the Fielding Johnson building, where they made their way to the corridor near to Paul Boyle’s office. Boyle is the current vice-chancellor of the University. Remarkably, the sit-in has continued since, with many students still going strong – well over 48 hours after starting. A protest outside the building too has taken place, showing how students are disgruntled over the appointment of Willets as the new chancellor of the University.




The appointment of Willets has caused controversy. Willets is due to take the post in July, though the support against his appointment could lead to a rethink. Willets has been criticised for his opinions on gay rights, along with his involvement in the UK tuition fee tripling from £3,000 to £9,000 – Willets was Minister of State for Universities and Science at the time. A petition has been set up to campaign against the appointment of Willets – with the petition hitting almost 3,300 signatures at the time of writing – and rising by the minute.


There has been considerable praise online for those protesting, and plenty of support against the appointment of Willets.




Those protesting remain in good spirits…





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