Every Stage of Hosting a House Party… As Told By Gavin and Stacey

House parties form the basic foundation of student life… Over the course of your University experience, it is highly likely that you will encounter several house parties. Some will be memorable, some will be instantly forgettable, and others will be written in folklore! But while attending a house party is one thing, hosting the darn thing is a whole different ball game. So in this article, we take a look at the different stages of hosting a house party, with some help from the cast of Gavin and Stacey, of course. Enjoy!

1. The Admin

To begin with, there is the preparation – or the administrative side of proceedings. As hosts, you need to warn (and perhaps invite?!) your neighbours, purchase alcohol, prepare the playlist, set up speakers, clean your house, invite people and anything else. Preparation is key! But it is stressful, and makes you feel something like Bryn below…


2. Getting Ready

With the admin out of the way, the big day eventually arrives, and it is time for you, yourself, to get ready. You ensure that your personal appearance is great – heck, you might even bring out the ironing board for the big night. You hide any valuables you have, this is a University house party after all. The excitement is overwhelming, and once again we turn to Bryn to provide us with a fitting quote as to how you might be feeling.


3. The Early Arrivals

You know the score – 8:30pm is the official start time, thought that means technically that 9pm is the proper start time. Yet at 8:30pm, the door rings, and as hosts, it is only right that you welcome those who have decided to be on time. You engage in some small talk, and realise that the lack of alcohol in your system is affecting your discussion. You head out for a brief few seconds, and go and see your fellow housemate, where you strike this pose, brought to us by Smithy…




4. Party Time

Eventually however everyone gets there, plus all of the uninvited extras who come along for the ride. The drink starts to take effect, and everyone looks like they are having a great time. And things are largely sophisticated too. What could go wrong? Perhaps some in attendance even engage in a conga – as our beloved troupe did, led of course by the one and only Pam.



5. Drinking Games

The sophistication doesn’t last too long however, when drinking games are suddenly suggested – and everyone starts playing them. Never have I ever, ring of fire – all hell eventually breaks loose. As you reach for the next bottle of wine, you resemble Bryn again.




6. Weird Things

With everyone becoming more and more intoxicated, control is lost and suddenly the house party descends into chaos. A food fight ensues, people start running around, glasses get smashed and someone even starts eating raw meat. As the host, the sight of your house being trashed makes you wonder…


7. Shots

While order is eventually restored, it proves to only be a short-term reprieve for the house, with shots soon suggested. As if the anarchy couldn’t get worse, shots hardly help proceedings. And who else to bring in here other than Pam – who was delighted to get the party at the Shipman’s house truly started.




8. The Split

Eventually enough is enough, and a split occurs. Some patrons choose to head to the nearby club, while others decide to go home. As the hosts, little of the house can be salvaged, so you just end up heading with the mob to the club. But it can be an awkward standoff, as you see some of the trouble-makers leave your house. The awkwardness reminds you of the Christmas special, where Smithy’s Christmas went from bad to worse.


9. The Club

It doesn’t take you long to realise that a night out at the club really isn’t fun. We’ve already looked at every stage of a night out – where we used Tracy Beaker characters to help! There is also the lingering thought of what the house will look like in the morning. As all of these thoughts go through your mind, you just look at your surroundings a little bit like Bryn does below.





10. The Day After

The next morning you wake up – of course with a hangover, and you see the house is just about standing. As you look in the mirror, you see you resemble Smithy after Gavin’s stag night – worse for wear doesn’t quite cut it.






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