Fire Breaks Out at Student House in Bournemouth


A group of Bournemouth University students were forced to jump from windows after a fire broke out at their house during the early hours of this morning. The University students were treated through the night by paramedics, though none suffered serious injuries. The fire started at a house in Holdenhurst Road, at around 2:30am. The cause of the fire was a candle left burning in a bedroom. Five students escaped. Read on for the full story, first up, some images from the scene via Twitter.


The blaze started at around 2:30am. It was caused by a candle that had been left burning in one of the bedrooms. One individual fell asleep while it was burning. The candle eventually set the curtains on fire, and subsequently spread through the house. The intense heat reportedly awoke the student in the room, who managed to escape. Smoke alarms around the house activated, which fortunately awoke the rest of the house. All residents escaped from the house, and were treated for shock and smoke inhalation.




Eyewitness accounts stated that the flames quickly spread throughout the house – eventually ‘taking it over’. The residents tried to wake up their neighbours, in fear of the fire spreading through the terrace. Fortunately, the Fire Service were on the scene quickly – and prevented the fire from spreading to nearby houses.



At the scene this morning – as seen in the image above – some windows and the front door have been boarded up. The damage of the fire is clearly visible – having ruined the entire second floor of the house.


The University have confirmed that those affected by the fire will meet with the residential team of the institution, in an attempt to sort out alternative accommodation. It is believed the majority of the possessions in the house have been ruined.




As seen in this case, fires have the potential to cause grave damage to any structure. Countless fires are started by individuals going to sleep while using heated appliances, or in this case – a candle. This fire and the damage caused is a reminder of the danger that these appliances can cause.





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