Law Students Suspended from University of Exeter Following Racist Group Chat


A group of five Law students have been suspended from the University of Exeter following allegations of racism. Vile and deplorable messages sent on a group chat were publicised via Facebook, and subsequently shared thousands of times. The group chat had belonged to members of the University’s Bracton Law society. The racist messages came to public knowledge via Arsalan Motavil, via Facebook. However Facebook removed the post. So we turn to Twitter, where you can see his original post.

The comments are simply disgusting, abhorrent and absolutely inexcusable. UniEel have seen the full screenshots, yet have chosen not to post any. However to summarise:

  • Several racial slurs were used on multiple occasions
  • A race war was encouraged
  • Gang rape too was encouraged
  • Slavery was joked about




Motalavi confirmed that he had reported the individuals to the University. He mentioned that he had decided to ‘expose’ the individuals after the recent infamous incident at Nottingham Trent University. The group chat was named ‘Dodgy Blokes Soc’. This is one of many cases to plague the University of Exeter with allegations of racism.


The University decided to suspend the five individuals who wrote the vile messages. They stated that they ‘do not tolerate any form of racist behaviour’.



The Bracton Law Society subsequently responded, as seen in the Tweet below. It is worrying that the students were actually a part of the committee.




One student who was involved has had his place on a graduate scheme at Hill Dickinson LLP revoked following this case. The others too will surely face punishment, and it remains to be seen whether or not a suspension will be seen as sufficient by many. After an investigation has been carried out, further punishment, such as expulsion, could easily happen. The comments seen here are simply sickening, and there should be no place for them anywhere, and certainly not at a University campus – where people are there to learn.





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