UCLan to Launch TV Drama Course


The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is set to offer a degree in TV drama from September. The degree, which will be unique, will educate students on everything they need to know regarding a successful TV drama. The course will also include an ongoing, student-produced drama that will be aired on a local TV channel. This exciting news has been hailed by many. Read on for the full story.


The course will be offered by UCLan


The course, which will be titled BA (Hons) in Continuing Drama Production, will last two years. The course has been specifically designed to combat the decline in skills relating to television production.


Students will be taught a host of creative and technical skills which will allow them to gain knowledge on how to create, produce, film and edit a TV drama. Skills like multi-camera operation, script writing, editing and production budgets will all be examined.




One of the most exciting aspects of the degree is that an actual TV drama will be produced, which will subsequently be broadcast on the local TV channel ‘That’s Lancashire’. A former pub – the Lamb and Packet – has been purchased, which will be used for filming. The TV drama created will fall into the soap opera genre – a genre which has continuously proved to be among the most popular in the United Kingdom.


This course will be different to a regular degree!


This degree will also be the University’s first ‘fast-track’ degree. Students will study for the full year, as opposed to just the academic year. This means that students can complete the course in two years, as opposed to the customary three. It is believed more courses in the future will follow a similar model.


The course has been hailed as an ‘innovative response’ to addressing the skills gap in the media industry by Oliver Kent – who is head of continuing drama series at BBC Studios. 




Reaction has been positive towards this degree, and it will be interesting to see how many people enrol on the course. And who knows – if it is successful, perhaps it could kick-start the careers of many. And what about the soap opera? Watch out EastEnders et al!





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