What’s it REALLY Like Working in the Fashion Industry? Real Life Confessions Reveal All

For some, the idea of working in the fashion industry represents a dream job. The glamour, the glitz, and working with some internationally-renowned individuals. Yet is the fashion industry in reality how we expect it to be? In this article, we review the confessions from various people who have worked, or currently work, in the fashion industry – with a range of different opinions given. These confessors were using the popular app Whisper, which features countless articles on confessions. Read on for more!


Confessors have revealed all regarding the fashion industry


Many confessors were quick to criticise the industry. One suggested the industry was just like the famous film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Another claimed that companies expect those in the industry to do a lot of free work. Unfortunately, another suggested she had to put on a ‘work’ personality, which was slowly overtaking her normal personality! A common theme was that some suggested they didn’t quite fit in within the industry. One, despite the reputation of the industry, even suggested they didn’t enjoy the glamour of the industry.




As well as criticism for the industry as a whole, many rounded on models. One suggested that models were ‘underfed, overpaid glorified clothes hangers’ – wow! Another agreed, saying that they had learned that anyone who claimed to eat whatever they like without gaining weight were ‘big time liars’. Saving the most ruthless until last – another confessor suggested that while 50% of models they worked with were intelligent, the other 50% were ‘brain dead’ – with absolutely no middle ground! Harsh!


Is working in the fashion industry really something to strive for?


While the majority of the comments were negative, there were some positive and inspirational confessions. One suggested that the industry helped many more people to be appreciative of plus-size models. Another, who called herself ‘ugly’, and said she had put up with a ‘fair share of rejection’, went on to say how she now has celebrity clients and even a manager! She put this improvement down to hard work. This goes to show if you work hard enough, anything is possible – especially in the fashion industry!




Some interesting confessions – with many not holding back in their dislike of the industry. It certainly seems the fashion industry isn’t for everyone, but for some – it will certainly prove enjoyable. Some of the confessions were even inspiring – and should give many some motivation. But as seen in this article, for some, the fashion industry really isn’t what it is cracked up to be! For the entire story, complete with extra confessions, you can navigate to the original article here.





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