Weekly Bulletin: Mon 26 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Weekly Bulletin of News for Monday 26th March 2018. Here is a brief summary of the news emanating from the world in the past week.



  • There has been significant criticism of Facebook, following the revelation that data relating to millions of their users were inappropriately used by Cambridge Analytica. The implication is that this data was potentially used to swing the US election. Facebook have apologised, and have taken steps to address the issues. The data was accessed thanks to a third party app – which took the form of a personality test.



  • Protests have taken place around the world, with millions of people taking part in a ‘March for Our Lives’ campaign. The aim is to convince the United States to enact tighter gun controls.
  • Staying with the US, and President Donald Trump has come under fire over an alleged affair.
  • Unfortunately, 64 people have been killed after a fire at a shopping mall in Siberia, Russia. There have been some suggestions that crucial exits were blocked.



  • The annual Boat Race between the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge has taken place. Cambridge won both male and female races.
  • The search for missing RAF personnel Corrie McKeague is set to end. McKeague has been missing 18 months, with most theories suggesting he was crushed to death by a bin lorry. Investigators said they had exhausted all lines of inquiry. Almost 10,000 tonnes of landfill was searched, where he was expected to be found.
  • A series of Freedom of Information requests have revealed worrying mental health statistics at UK Universities, with concerns being raised over waiting times. See our full article here.



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  • The cost of both First and Second class stamps will be rising in the United Kingdom.
  • Embattled firm Uber have sold their East-Asia division to Grab.



  • Talks over Brexit continue.



  • Tumblr have deleted what they have referred to as ‘troll’ accounts emanating from Russia – that have believed to have affected political situations.






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From the team at UniEel, good luck for the week ahead.